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PHONE 9416 9049

PHONE 9416 9049

  • Our Tutor-Student co-ordinator identifies a student’s learning requirements and matches these with a tutor with regard to knowledge and availability.

  • The scheduling of lessons is flexible and by an agreed arrangement between tutor and student.

  • Lessons are undertaken at our training room at East Lindfield. In some situations lessons can be arranged off-site, for example at a library or at the student's home.

  • Tutors are available to tutor in many devices and applications such as PCs, Macs, smart phones, iPad and Android tablets, Microsoft Office, file management, email, web browsing, social media, various commercial and entertainment applications.

Individual tuition (one tutor, one student)


Tablet and Phone joint lessons

  • In co-operation with the Turramurra Computer Pals for Seniors Club we provide lessons for groups of 2 – 4 students on phones and tablets at times and locations shown below:

  • These provide the opportunity for all club members to meet and hear a speaker on contemporary technology uses and trends. The forum concludes with a social gathering around afternoon tea.

  • Forums are held on the first Monday of each month except January and when the first Monday of the month is a public holiday.

  • They are at 2pm in Meeting Room 2 at Gordon library (old section)

  • Members are also welcome to join the Turramurra Club members at their forums held on the third Thursday of the month at 2pm at the Turramurra location.

Regular Forums


PHONE 9416 9049



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Joint tuition (one tutor, two or more students)

  • If students prefer to learn with another student the club will attempt to arrange joint lessons.

  • Alternatively, students may arrange their own group (eg friends and relatives) and approach the club for a tutor. All students would be required to be members.

  • Tuition fees per student are reduced for joint lessons.

  • To participate in the lessons at Wahroonga or East Lindfield phone 9416 9049 for details of how to book.

  • To participate in the Turramurra lessons phone 9983 0774.


  • The club conducts workshops for small groups on various topics.  The sessions are programmed according to interest and tutor availability and are held at various times and days.

Explorer Groups

  • These are groups of 4 to 7 members who discuss their experience and learn from  others in the group. Each meeting is facilitated by a tutor. No regular commitment is required and are free to current financial members.

  • For details and bookings please phone 9416 9049.